GIS Data Sources – Australia

Sourcing data for GIS projects can often involve a lengthy search, especially for territories around the world that you may not be familiar with. Find a curated list of GIS data sources below.

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ELVIS - Elevation and Depth - Foundation Spatial Data Screenshot
ELVIS - Elevation and Depth - Foundation Spatial Data Screenshot


All States and Territories

Taken from the ELVIS GIS data platform:

“Elvis Elevation and Depth is a cloud-based system allowing users to easily discover and obtain Australian elevation and bathymetry data available within their area of interest. It is developed as a partnership between participating agencies under the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) and brings together open data from Commonwealth, state and territory governments, making it accessible from a convenient central source. Data can be quickly accessed through Elvis to support efficient planning, research and decision-making by government, industry, research communities and any others requiring the data.”

Elvis Elevation and Depth