GIS Data Sources – United Kingdom

Sourcing data for GIS projects can often involve a lengthy search, especially for territories around the world that you may not be familiar with. Find a curated list of GIS data sources below.

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Screenshot of the Lle Geo-Portal website.
Screenshot of the Lle Geo-Portal website.

United Kingdom


The Data Services Platform from Defra has been put in place to make environmental services data available to everyone. Data includes digital elevation, aerial optical imagery, LiDAR and bathymetry.

Defra Survey Data Download

Download OSM data for England from Geofabrik.


Scottish Remote Sensing Portal – A portal containing geospatial data sourced from public sector organisations.

Download OSM data for Scotland from Geofabrik.


Lle – A geo-portal for Wales and a partnership between Natural Resource Wales and the Welsh Government.

Download OSM data for Wales from Geofabrik.